I bought my first gyroplane at an equipment sale in Kissimmee, FL, 1991.  It was a Bensen B8-M with a McCullough air cooled engine.  I was one of the few people there who actually knew what it was. Progression from there was rapid by incorporating the best parts of gyros that I had been trained and flew in. One key to safety was using the Subaru line of engines. Subaru is a very reliable engine that is easy to maintain. I now offer the Twin Eagle two place and the Midnight Hawk single place. 

My kits are complete with engine, rotor blades, frame, gauges  and everything needed to fly.  Kits are assembled with common hand tools, as the machine work and engine adaptations are completed.  Assembly takes about 60 to 120 hours, for each  kit.  

Shipping costs will be calculated on the delivery address.

Accessories are offered for those who already own a gyro and wish to improve or add to an existing machine.

DRAGON WINGS rotor blades come with each kit. These are high lift, high performance blades with matching rotor head. The best I have flown. 

Thanks for your interest.  Email us for additional information or any questions you may have. 


Subaru engines are used on all my gyros.  Subaru EJ-18 = 97 HP.  Subaru EJ-22= 130 HP. Subaru EJ-25= 165 HP.  Engines are overhauled and modified for gyro use with the re-drive unit attached.  Engines are test run for function and dependability before delivery. These engines are multi-point fuel injected. Engines include: alternator, radiator, computer module with wiring harness, oil pressure, water temp, voltmeter, hour meter, tachometer. Instructions with pictures come with each engine and gyro kit.