Midnight Hawk Mosquito Hawk

Twin Eagle and
Midnight Hawk Gyroplanes

GYRO-KOPP-TERS offers the Twin Eagle and Midnight Hawk,
two of the most complete gyroplane kits available. They are complete
with engine, rotor blades and everything. The specialized machine
work and adaptation of the engines for gyro use have all been
completed. The kit can be easily assembled with readily available
hand tools. Assembly takes approximately 60 to 120 hours to complete,
thanks to the new 'fast build' kit. We also offer accessories for those
who currently own a gyro and wish to upgrade their existing machine,
there is nothing else needed for the kits we offer. They come complete.

We use Subaru engines on all kits. All engines are completely
overhauled and test run before delivery.

Our kits come with Dragon Wings rotor blades which we personally
use and fly. The Dragon Wings are all aluminum, high lift, high
performance blades, with matching rotor head. We have found them
to be the best that we have personally flown.

Kits for single place gyros are available for quick delivery.
Ship dates will be determined when your order is placed.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from
you. Feel free to email us, or use our 'contact form' to request
additional information.

Bob and Arden Kopp